Dinerware POS System


  • Dinerware is designed with the user in mind so that even people without technical knowledge can learn to use it within minutes.
  • It takes care of every aspect of the business need such as technical, payroll needs, sales, reports, tenders, calculations, etc.
  • Generate more than 80 quick and accurate reports at any given time.
  • The software is developed on a solid technological platform to ensure reliability that you can count on.

Dinerware simplifies the responsibilities for management and the staff, thereby contributing to the expansion and performance of the business.


Dinerware was designed to help restaurants and bars operate with ease. The software is easy to understand, use, and modify from a restaurateur's perspective. This software is very accommodating and flexible in different environments.


Dinerware applies the most recent technology with a user-friendly interface that brings total control to a business at a low cost.

Some of the essential aspects of system design include:

  • Easy and quick customization
  • Reliability and speed
  • Scalable to handle infinite terminals